Friday, January 14
Wesleyan (WES) at Roch.Inst.Tech. (RIT)
Conference Game

Final Score: Roch.Inst.Tech. 0, Wesleyan 0 - 1OT

Attendance: 100

Referee: Todd Gruttadmura
Referee: Ron Purpura

Wesleyan Lineup:
Skaters (14):
Emily Paul
Joanna Smith
Jessica Ziemian
Joy Barbieri
Andrea McKnight
Katie Fuller
Liz Adams
Meredith Rideout
Gabby Carson
Liza Eckels
Kiersten Von Trapp
Stacey Orr
Regan Schubel
Sara Fenchel
Goaltenders (1):
Emma DeSimone

Roch.Inst.Tech. Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Katie Fennessey
Margaret Dumiak
Jody Elwood
Tina Bessette
Jessica Rogers
Susie Eustis
Katie Bailey
Katie Obyc
Shira Katsir
Rebecca Grandy
Jill Johnson
Andrea Talerico
Shannon Sutton
Sandy Payne
Kristin Albright
Jillian Weet
Charlotte Mis
Michelle Ault
Goaltenders (2):
Heather Savage
Heather Lovejoy


1st Period:

2nd Period:

3rd Period:


Wesleyan Goaltending:
Emma DeSimone22101565365:00

Roch.Inst.Tech. Goaltending:
Heather Lovejoy44811765:00

Wesleyan Power-Play: 0/3

Roch.Inst.Tech. Power-Play: 0/1


1st Period:
WES 02:17 Joanna Smith  (2 - Cross-Checking)

2nd Period:

3rd Period:
WES 07:36 Sara Fenchel  (2 - Too Many Players)

WES 00:48 Andrea McKnight  (2 - Slashing)
RIT 02:13 Jody Elwood  (2 - Interference)

Wesleyan Penalties: 3 for 6

Roch.Inst.Tech. Penalties: 1 for 2

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