Sunday, February 20
Buffalo State (BFS) at Manhattanville (MAN)
Non-Conference Game

Final Score: Manhattanville 16, Buffalo State 0

Attendance: 50


Buffalo State Lineup:
Skaters (12):
Melissa Spry
Meri Mooers
Dyanne Roberts
Leah DeLormier
Jen Rutkowski
Carolyn Kane
Becky Smith
Renee Hamm
Nicole Richmond
Katie Heerot
Vicki Reid
Sara Zogby
Goaltenders (2):
Melissa Spry
Kay Hopper

Manhattanville Lineup:
Skaters (11):
Lindsey Paulsrud
Lea Colasuonno
Becca Dobler
Genevieve Allegrezza
Jennifer Reed
Lindsey Dorval
Heather Graul
Sarah Selke
Jaime Martinelli
Carrie Yanagawa
Kristin Sahlem
Goaltenders (2):
Katie Alexander
Kristin Perry


1st Period:
MAN 00:34 Lindsey Paulsrud (Lindsey Dorval)
MAN 01:56 Becca Dobler
MAN 02:47 Carrie Yanagawa (Lea Colasuonno, Lindsey Dorval)
MAN 05:42 Jaime Martinelli (Heather Graul)
MAN 07:06 Carrie Yanagawa (Lindsey Paulsrud, Lea Colasuonno)
MAN 08:35 Lindsey Paulsrud (Sarah Selke, Jennifer Reed)
MAN 13:52 Kristin Sahlem (Genevieve Allegrezza)

2nd Period:
MAN 03:22 SH Lea Colasuonno (Sarah Selke)
MAN 06:37 Becca Dobler
MAN 07:13 Lindsey Paulsrud (Jaime Martinelli, Kristin Sahlem)
MAN 15:20 Jennifer Reed (Carrie Yanagawa)
MAN 13:48 Kristin Sahlem (Lindsey Paulsrud, Lindsey Dorval)
MAN 17:12 Kristin Sahlem (Lindsey Paulsrud)
MAN 17:58 Lindsey Dorval (Sarah Selke, Genevieve Allegrezza)
MAN 19:52 Lindsey Dorval (Kristin Sahlem)

3rd Period:
MAN 15:13 PP Jennifer Reed (Genevieve Allegrezza, Carrie Yanagawa)

Buffalo State Goaltending:
Melissa Spry28002820:00
Kay Hopper02202220:00
Melissa Spry00121220:00

Manhattanville Goaltending:
Katie Alexander001160:00

Buffalo State Power-Play: 0/4

Manhattanville Power-Play: 1/4


1st Period:
BFS 12:02 Carolyn Kane  (2 - Interference)

2nd Period:
MAN 03:52 Jaime Martinelli  (2 - Interference)
BFS 16:24 Leah DeLormier  (2 - Hooking)

3rd Period:
MAN 05:54 Genevieve Allegrezza  (2 - Tripping)
BFS 08:02 Dyanne Roberts  (2 - High-Sticking)
MAN 14:15 Lindsey Paulsrud  (2 - Roughing)
BFS 15:13 Meri Mooers  (2 - High-Sticking)
BFS 18:58 Renee Hamm  (2 - Roughing)
MAN 19:59 Lea Colasuonno  (2 - Hooking)
MAN 18:58 Kristin Sahlem  (2 - High-Sticking)

Buffalo State Penalties: 5 for 10

Manhattanville Penalties: 5 for 10

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