Saturday, January 29
Vermont (VER) at Bates (BAT)
Conference Game

Final Score: Vermont 7, Bates 0

Attendance: 100

Referee: George Starr
Referee: Pete Bruni

Vermont Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Lori Hennessey
Sandy Desilets
Anna Towne
Erika Cohen
Katie McCarthy
Heather Fifield
Aimee LaBarre
Shawn Clavelle
Rebecca Godsill
Liz Clough
Jill Giardina
Rachel Howes
Maike Camp
Torrey Dennis
Diana Brennan
Betsy Ammel
Jenny Agnew
Ashlee Murdough
Goaltenders (2):
Micaela Dorf
Tiffany Hayes

Bates Lineup:
Skaters (14):
Joison Decker
Kim Holzer
Liz Schliftman
Cle Franklin
Lauren Lochner
Adele Lilly
Elizabeth Cunha
Kristen Frederick
SooAe Shaneyfelt
Melissa Ostuni
Laura Merino
Mandi Swan
Jess Roll
Corinn Pennella
Goaltenders (2):
Lindsay Gary
Alexis Ramenofsky


1st Period:
VER 01:24 Heather Fifield (Maike Camp, Rebecca Godsill)
VER 16:40 Torrey Dennis (Anna Towne, Jenny Agnew)

2nd Period:
VER 10:03 Maike Camp (Heather Fifield, Rebecca Godsill)
VER 13:40 Katie McCarthy (Jill Giardina)
VER 14:06 Rachel Howes (Torrey Dennis, Sandy Desilets)
VER 19:50 Torrey Dennis (Jenny Agnew)

3rd Period:
VER 19:15 Liz Clough (Katie McCarthy, Erika Cohen)

Vermont Goaltending:
Tiffany Hayes302560:00

Bates Goaltending:
Alexis Ramenofsky2728197460:00

Vermont Power-Play: 0/0

Bates Power-Play: 0/4


1st Period:

2nd Period:
VER 01:10 Lori Hennessey  (2 - Checking)

3rd Period:
VER 09:24 Betsy Ammel  (2 - Interference)
VER 14:13 Jill Giardina  (2 - Checking)
VER 19:45 Erika Cohen  (2 - Slashing)

Vermont Penalties: 4 for 8

Bates Penalties: 0 for 0

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