Friday, February 4
Southern Maine (SOM) at Skidmore (SKD)
Conference Game

Final Score: Southern Maine 2, Skidmore 1

Attendance: 395

Referee: Bill Loehr
Referee: Tom Sullivan
Assistant Referee: Patrick Torosian

Southern Maine Lineup:
Skaters (17):
Darren Roche
Bill Slaiding
Andy Gildart
Neal McDowell
Bobby Sloper
Jason Brace
Tony Coates
Brian Aceto
Jarrod Guimond
John Lauziere
Ross Olesen
Ian Penney
Ethan Burnes
Andrew Gardner
Brian Collum
Brett DePetrillo
Dan Drozdzik
Goaltenders (2):
J.R. Wappel
Russ Chapman

Skidmore Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Pete Menan
Jon Boudreau
Brian Neary
Chris Dunn
Pat McEvoy
James Sedoruk
Jeff Drake
Ryan Mahady
Mike Ormsbee
Patrick Hutchins
Criag Roser
Evan Duggan
Richard Chu
Conor McDavitt
Collin Whelan
Scott Gifis
Micah Deary
Jon Colozzo
Goaltenders (2):
Joel Kulina
Jon Olson


1st Period:

2nd Period:
SOM 07:36 PP Tony Coates (Andrew Gardner, Brian Collum)
SOM 08:02 Bill Slaiding (Ian Penney)

3rd Period:
SKD 08:34 PP Conor McDavitt (Brian Neary, Scott Gifis)

Southern Maine Goaltending:
J.R. Wappel101683460:00

Skidmore Goaltending:
Joel Kulina51693059:30

Southern Maine Power-Play: 1/2

Skidmore Power-Play: 1/2


1st Period:

2nd Period:
SOM 02:08 Darren Roche  (2 - Hooking)
SKD 06:36 Conor McDavitt  (2 - Holding)
SKD 09:01 Chris Dunn  (2 - Charging)

3rd Period:
SOM 07:38 Brian Collum  (2 - Hooking)

Southern Maine Penalties: 2 for 4

Skidmore Penalties: 2 for 4

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