Tuesday, January 4
Skidmore (SKD) at Manhattanville (MAN)
Non-Conference Game

Final Score: Skidmore 8, Manhattanville 4

Attendance: 150

Referee: Brian Cale
Assistant Referee: Alex Klein
Assistant Referee: Walt Pickarski

Skidmore Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Brian Neary
Chris Dunn
James Sedoruk
Jeff Drake
Bryan Sennott
Ryan Mahady
Mike Ormsbee
Patrick Hutchins
Criag Roser
Evan Duggan
Dave Pecchia
Joe Hooker
Conor McDavitt
Collin Whelan
Fred Orsaia
Scott Gifis
Micah Deary
Jon Colozzo
Goaltenders (2):
Joel Kulina
Jon Olson

Manhattanville Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Matt Naylor
Greg Kamph
Zeb Mabie
Tommy Prate
Chris Seifert
John Auxier
Aaron Boston
Bob Reddish
Vincent Reilly
Damon Iannillo
Sean Keane
Aaron Gauthier
Brad Bokal
Josh Freiberg
Sam Callaway
Lee Gehrlein
Aaron Wallace
T.J. Cline
Goaltenders (3):
Jon Peczka
Jeremy Hill
Rob McShane


1st Period:
MAN 05:30 Damon Iannillo (Bob Reddish)
SKD 14:39 PP Conor McDavitt (Ryan Mahady, Jeff Drake)
MAN 14:49 Sam Callaway (Chris Seifert, Aaron Wallace)

2nd Period:
SKD 05:59 Fred Orsaia
MAN 07:09 John Auxier (Tommy Prate, Sean Keane)
SKD 17:00 Mike Ormsbee (Bryan Sennott)
SKD 18:43 Fred Orsaia (James Sedoruk, Jeff Drake)

3rd Period:
MAN 03:28 Tommy Prate (Sean Keane)
SKD 05:05 Brian Neary
SKD 05:18 Scott Gifis (Jeff Drake)
SKD 13:34 Ryan Mahady (James Sedoruk)
SKD 16:21 Scott Gifis (Chris Dunn, Joe Hooker)

Skidmore Goaltending:
Jon Olson38142560:00

Manhattanville Goaltending:
Jon Peczka91112145:18
Rob McShane003314:42

Skidmore Power-Play: 1/6

Manhattanville Power-Play: 0/3


1st Period:
MAN 07:12 Lee Gehrlein  (2 - Holding)
SKD 07:12 Evan Duggan  (2 - Roughing)
MAN 11:50 Damon Iannillo  (2 - Boarding)
MAN 12:57 T.J. Cline  (2 - Interference)

2nd Period:
MAN 01:20 John Auxier  (2 - Interference)
MAN 07:55 T.J. Cline  (2 - Roughing)
SKD 07:55 James Sedoruk  (2 - Roughing)
MAN 10:35 Lee Gehrlein  (2 - Hooking)
SKD 14:07 Patrick Hutchins  (2 - Tripping)
SKD 14:25 Evan Duggan  (2 - Boarding)
MAN 17:10 Chris Seifert  (2 - Roughing)
SKD 17:10 Brian Neary  (2 - Cross-Checking)

3rd Period:
MAN 03:49 Tommy Prate  (5 - High-Sticking)
SKD 03:49 Criag Roser  (2 - Unsportsmanlike Conduct)
SKD 05:49 BENCH  (2 - Too Many Players)
SKD 08:35 Chris Dunn  (2 - Interference)
MAN 09:48 BENCH  (2 - Too Many Players)

Skidmore Penalties: 8 for 16

Manhattanville Penalties: 9 for 21

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