Sunday, February 20
Western N.E. (WNE) at Lebanon Valley (LVC)
Conference Game

Final Score: Western N.E. 5, Lebanon Valley 4 - 1OT

Attendance: 312

Referee: Mike Wagner
Referee: Dave Wilson

Western N.E. Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Bryan Berriault
Bobby Foley
Mike Soderlund
Ben Barron
Eric Badeau
Pat Griffin
Gary Whittier
Ryan Haubner
Dave McKenna
Jason Lacroix
Scott Rundlett
Chris Laramee
Kyle Weise
Matt Miele
Will Martin
Bobby St. Lawrence
Shaun Haubner
Jeff Gilbert
Goaltenders (3):
Adam Hoban
Chris Belden
Nathan Stockton

Lebanon Valley Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Bill Askwith
J. P. Callahan
Tim DeVuono
Jeremy Felt
Dan Fox
Jason Kilcoyne
Greg Kutchma
Benjamin Kwon
Shaun McGinty
Scott Rostholder
Michael Sarro
Scott Schilling
Vincent Stendardo
Jamie Taylor
Chris White
Brian Yingling
Daniel Yingst
Tim Rink
Goaltenders (2):
Kevin Block
Lincoln Matlock


1st Period:
LVC 09:53 J. P. Callahan (Brian Yingling)
LVC 14:49 Brian Yingling (Tim Rink, Chris White)

2nd Period:
WNE 01:59 Dave McKenna (Jason Lacroix, Jeff Gilbert)
WNE 03:14 Kyle Weise (Scott Rundlett, Bryan Berriault)
LVC 06:44 Scott Schilling (Greg Kutchma)
WNE 10:21 PP Jason Lacroix (Dave McKenna)
WNE 11:48 Ryan Haubner (Eric Badeau)
LVC 19:24 PP Jason Kilcoyne (Tim Rink, Chris White)

3rd Period:

WNE 04:38 Jason Lacroix (Kyle Weise)

Western N.E. Goaltending:
Nathan Stockton11141975164:38

Lebanon Valley Goaltending:
Kevin Block1112713164:08

Western N.E. Power-Play: 1/2

Lebanon Valley Power-Play: 1/3


1st Period:

2nd Period:
LVC 08:35 Jeremy Felt  (2 - Hooking)
WNE 19:02 Scott Rundlett  (2 - Interference)

3rd Period:
WNE 13:01 Gary Whittier  (2 - Interference)
LVC 15:55 Benjamin Kwon  (2 - Interference)

WNE 01:57 Ryan Haubner  (2 - Hooking)

Western N.E. Penalties: 3 for 6

Lebanon Valley Penalties: 2 for 4

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