Sunday, January 9
Plymouth (PLY) at Johnson & Wales (J&W)
Conference Game

Final Score: Johnson & Wales 3, Plymouth 1

Attendance: 99

Referee: Bob Paquette
Referee: Kevin Burns
Assistant Referee: Tom Cosgrove

Plymouth Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Chris Tortorella
Tom Beaulieu
Rich Vega
Henry Sabens
Tony LaScola
Tim Conroy
Erik Nadeau
Matt McPhee
Aaron Fifield
John Power
Jude Violette
Jack Langelier
John Hornor
Chad Fitzpatrick
Eric Ryan
Eric Gilbert
Kevin Creighton
Brian Gaudreau
Goaltenders (3):
Cliff Mask
Larry Forgue
Craig Michalowski

Johnson & Wales Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Billy White
Dan Silva
Dave Accetturo
Scott Graham
Pat Costello
Eric Rosenberg
Bill Saltzman
Bill McBride
Jason Hopkins
Tory Jacob
Brendan Moll
Derek Foster
Steve Lombardi
Jon-Paul Wolf
Scott Feeney
Shaun Molyneux
Chris White
Chris Burch
Goaltenders (2):
Scott Jacob
Rick Freudenfels


1st Period:
PLY 10:19 PP Kevin Creighton (Rich Vega, John Power)

2nd Period:
J&W 08:11 Tory Jacob
J&W 08:39 Dan Silva (Bill Saltzman, Tory Jacob)

3rd Period:
J&W 19:10 Tory Jacob (Shaun Molyneux, Steve Lombardi)

Plymouth Goaltending:
Larry Forgue77142860:00

Johnson & Wales Goaltending:
Scott Jacob1710113860:00

Plymouth Power-Play: 1/8

Johnson & Wales Power-Play: 0/6


1st Period:
J&W 06:40 Jon-Paul Wolf  (2 - Hooking)
J&W 07:24 Pat Costello  (2 - Tripping)
J&W 10:13 Chris Burch  (2 - Hooking)
PLY 18:11 Tony LaScola  (2 - Holding)

2nd Period:
J&W 09:37 Jon-Paul Wolf  (2 - Holding)
J&W 11:21 Scott Feeney  (2 - Hooking)
J&W 19:12 Jon-Paul Wolf  (2 - Roughing)
J&W 19:54 Billy White  (5 - Spearing)
J&W 19:54 Billy White  (10 - Game Disqualification)

3rd Period:
PLY 04:29 Jack Langelier  (2 - Roughing)
J&W 12:27 Jon-Paul Wolf  (2 - Roughing)
PLY 12:27 Tim Conroy  (2 - Holding)

Plymouth Penalties: 3 for 6

Johnson & Wales Penalties: 9 for 29

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